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More songs uploaded.

2012-07-29 17:51:19 by ChaosPetra

Uploaded two songs today. Been meaning to do that for about six months, but just finally worked up the... un-laziness to it.

Well, I promised some time some months ago that there would cello music to make one's ears bleed.

Here it is: in a generic MP3 file called LOKI 1 in the heavy metal section.

*face palm* I can already see the BLAMs looming in the distance.

Oh well... at least this time the song uploaded properly.


2010-09-17 16:15:32 by ChaosPetra

I recorded a file. I saved it. I uploaded it. I listened to it. There was no sound. I checked the file. Nothing. It was like the recording never happened. I even listened to it just three minutes ago!!! I'm not make this up!!!

I so removed the file.

Why? WHY?



Why I love the audio portal.

2010-06-26 19:32:11 by ChaosPetra

The seven years I spent playing cello refined my ears to the point of being a music connoissuer. It's not only the cello music, but all kinds of music. It's one of those by products of taking orchestra-class semi-seriously. It endowed me with a sense of... knowing. I know when the music is a bit off, when it's off. I can hear out of tune notes. I have a defined aesthetic sense. I know why music does or doesn't flow very well. All this from just participating, and I'm sure there are people better at it than I am.

Music, performing or composing, is baring your very soul in public. It is pure thought collected and presented.

So more to the point.
I love the audio portal. It is a collection of souls and thoughts, presented to for the world to hear. It is a beautiful thing, really.

Flash drives are a wonderful thing. They store information and I can carry them around. Life is easier with flash drives.

Until I leave mine at my conservative grandma's house. With an x-rated story written (by me) on it, a with all sorts of other "satanic" things on it. And for three days, I ignored that urgent sense to come and get the thing before she reads it.

I go back three days later, retrieve my flash drive. Some how between here house and mine, the files were lost. Or so I thought.

So I find out that she did read, and she is not a happy camper. Oh well. I don't bother to deny anything.

Moral of the Story:
Don't lose your flash drive.
Don't ignore those nagging feelings.

Good news!

2010-06-03 23:22:16 by ChaosPetra

The ear infection has subsided.

Life is kinda boring so far. Maybe I'll make another song tomorrow or something.

Ear Infections Suck Balls.

2010-05-30 19:38:41 by ChaosPetra

My right ear hurts. Last night it hurt so bad that I took two Advil and fell into a drugged sleep. I considered taking another this morning, but decided not to accustom my body to it's wonderful pain numbing affects.

Yes, so the point and moral of the story: don't get ear aches. They hurt like a bitch.

Otherwise in life...
Ohio weather strikes again. It's about 87 degrees right now, humidity only 45%. It was 93 degrees when I woke up this afternoon. Kinda cool in the house, due to neighbors in apartment turning on THEIR air conditioning.

I opened a window to get some fresh air.
It will rain tomorrow and bring about the dreaded humidity. When I become a trillionaire, I'm moving either to A) New Mexico, where it's REALLY FUCKING DRY or B) Antartica, WHERE IT'S REALLY REALLY FUCKING DRY.
Point? I hate humidity. It could, however, be my lack of summer adjustment this year talking.

So yeah. That's the weather today and tomorrow.

Folk Songs

2010-05-22 01:39:17 by ChaosPetra

I'm thinking about making up and singing about various aspects of American life.

Cello stuff won't be forth coming yet. Not for a while.

So, if you have any suggestions about topics, post them down into the comments. I'll make a song about it.

More singing goodness

2010-05-17 12:47:59 by ChaosPetra

I won't flatter myself. I'm putting myself up on this stage and I'm going to tomotoes thrown at me. I'm a terrible performer but they say that unless one does something, one will not get better.

So my second song is up. Life is good, and boring thus.

Screechy cello music might be next. Who knows?

Heeeeeerrr'sssss Petra!

2010-05-08 02:04:13 by ChaosPetra

I'm new at this submission/portal thing. Been lurking in Newgrounds ever since the site was a repository for the most subversive and violent flash games around. That was waaaaay back in '90's; when Pico's School was the main attraction... and could be run on a dial-up modem.

So this evening I was fooling around with my microphone. I figured, what the hell? Let's write a song. So I did. Then I had another crazy idea: lets record this song. So I did. Guess what? It's up in all it's amateurish crazy ass asian goodness. I'm not being serious about my singing because I never trained as a singer, and will be about as good as William Hung, minus the annoying pretentious part. I used to play cello, about three years ago, then I quit 'cuz people with no plans with an instrument after highschool will drop that instrument on the fly.
Which is sad, because now I'm rusty as hell and will sound like a cat being castrated with a rusty and dull steak knife. I'd be a master of cello by now, if I had kept it up.

Well, you'll be hearing some of that castrated cat soon. So bring tissues and towels, your ears are gonna bleed! (Coming soon)